Director spotlight: Stewart Hendler


We’re beyond excited to welcome award-winning director Stewart Hendler to the Native team.

Whether he’s working on commercials or short- or long-form original content, Stewart’s work always reflects his innovative thinking.  Skilled at both live action and CG-heavy projects, he works at the forefront of digital and experimental content.

Stewart directed “Halo: Forward Unto Dawn,” a digital action series for Microsoft, which earned a Primetime Emmy nom and multiple Streamy Award wins, including Best Drama Series. He also directed and exec produced (with Bryan Singer) the digital series “H+” for Warner Bros., which features 48 non-linear episodes that can be rearranged to tell different stories. “H+” also earned several Streamies, including Best Director.

Previous commercial clients have included VW, Maserati, Budweiser, Adidas, MTV, Mercedes, Motorola, Zune, among others.

Take a look at Stewart’s reel here