Canelo Alvarez remembers his past with Ben Jacks and Hennessy


Welterweight champion Canelo Alvarez is used to expressing himself physically, and Native director Ben Jacks plays on that in this intimate, inspiring film for Hennessy Cognac.

Set to a stirring soundtrack, Jacks leads us wordlessly into Canelo’s world, journeying into the boxer’s quiet moments of reflection and exploring his motivation and sense of self.  We get a strong idea of who Canelo is, and what he holds dear. It’s a side of him that has remained largely hidden up to this point and is far from the explosive presence we witness in the ring.

As Canelo emerges both from the locker room and his own mind, the energy builds until finally the film erupts with a burst of physical energy and a war cry that speaks to the passion and pain it takes to become champion.