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ArtworxLA is an organization that helps keep creativity alive in alternative high schools throughout Los Angeles,specializing in the art of rehabilitating students who have high drop-out risks.. They work to educate students with “sustained arts exposure and immersion” and even connecting them with those who have found success in the arts. They re-focus high school student’s energies into find creative passions like photography, art, filmmaking, and more.artworxLA has attracted many successful creative industry professionals including Director/Executive Producer Marc Webb, Writer/Director Alex Kurtzman, Singer/Songwriter Moby, and Creative Director Raymond Leon Roker, to name a few.

Native Director, Rich Lee, teamed up with artworxLA and a student, Jonathan, to create a short film aptly named Jonathan, which focuses on Jonathan’s experiences and journey with artworxLA.

Looking to get involved? You can find artworxLA’s calendar of events here.