Introducing: Ben Jacks


ben_Fran_Nick_wedding (1)

Based out of Brooklyn, Ben Jacks creates work that celebrates the human condition with a clear and distinct creative approach. With brands like Nike, ESPN, and John Varvatos on his resume, the Director and Cinematographer continues to produce exceptional work, both commercial and creative. Before Ben was a live-action director, he started exploring photography when he was 15 and his brother gave him a Pentax K1000.

Ben has experience in many arenas – Director, DP, Editor, Operator, you name it. He believes the range of skills “keeps the creative and aesthetic very focused,” thus keeping the set moving steadily. This also helps keep in tone with how he envisions his set. When asked to describe his style Ben said “It’s a deep part of me, the idea of taking a moment in time, elevating its beauty and cinematic impact, while retaining a deep sincerity in performance. But I also look forward to my work’s  evolution and challenging myself. I want to do more work focusing on the human condition, micro documentary and more dialogue driven scripts, all the while, employing the styles I’ve cultivated over the years.”

Ben’s newest branded film (shown below) for Glamour, featuring supermodel Karlie Kloss, is described as “thriller” meets “fashion editorial,” lending hand to his signature mergence of styles.

You can check out the rest of Ben’s work on our ‘Directors’ page.