Groundbreaking New Work From The Work


The Work’s “Open Sky” spot for Chevrolet’s Camaro Convertible allows you to explore 360-degrees of immersive drop-top freedom. And it almost lets you feel the wind in your hair.

The Work used the very latest Codex Camera set-up, which is the next level up from the go-pros of the past. It’s a lightweight camera with great resolution that helped pave the way for this innovative, experiential spot. Huge props also to MPC who did post-production and stitching, ensuring a tight 2 1/2 week turn-around for completion on the project.

It’s a pretty damn cool and creative way to explore the interior of the 2016 Camaro Convertible and watch the automatic soft-top as it opens and closes, or simply enjoy a drive through the desert as you take this new whip on its inaugural drive.

For best results: make sure to watch on a compatible smartphone in the YouTube App, and drive the 360 camera by rotating your phone in any direction you choose. It’s as close as you can get to virtual reality without putting on any glasses!