Tom Dey Directs Esurance’s ‘Equal Dreams’ Campaign


Esurance has unveiled an inclusive and adorable #EqualDreams campaign, directed by our very own Tom Dey.

In the modern world, all dreams are equal – no matter who you love, and Native is very proud to be part of the Esurance’s #EqualDreams campaign supporting same sex marriage.

Directed by Tom Dey who has previously directed commercial work for the likes of Mastercard and Bank of America among others, the new campaign, released in line with Pride Week, engages the LGBT community and highlights the company’s belief that, “all dreams should be equal.”

Because kids say the darnedest things the video speaks directly to children and teens asking them to share their dreams of their future wedding day. “Everybody’s dream should be allowed to come true, because everybody should be happy with their life,” one very tiny oracle announces. “I would feel sad if my dream couldn’t come true because I would be very left out,” says another.

Check out the emotionally compelling spot up top!