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This music video was filmed with an iPhone 6

“I hope this video makes people think ‘I’m going to go shoot a film. I’ve got the phone, I’m going to go shoot a film.'”

San Francisco to Los Angeles

A 2.5 minute road trip down the West Coast.

‘On Beauty’ by Ben Jacks

“Beauty is.. simple, not complex.”

Film Of The Day: People of Nowhere

“Are they the ‘threat’ people talk about?”

Blood Pulls A Gun on NOWNESS

Stealing from strangers is about as thrilling as it gets.


Director Sebastian Schipper first asked himself, ‘What if I robbed a bank?’

Introducing: Ben Jacks

Ben Jacks: Director, DP, Editor, and all things awesome.

Watch Camille Rowe’s Guide to Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!

Ben Briand Delivers a Refreshing Take For Schweppes

Watch the talented Aussie director’s new spot for Schweppes Indian Tonic.

Short Film of the Week: Curt

Curt is the inspiring story of surfing’s oldest grom.

Groundbreaking New Work From The Work

Experience drop-top glory in 360-degrees in this creative new spot for Chevrolet’s Camaro.

Tom Dey Directs Esurance’s ‘Equal Dreams’ Campaign

Because, in the modern world all dreams are equal.

Blood Pulls A Gun To Play At Palm Springs International Short Film Festival

Things can be eeeeendlessly boring, until a hot guy in a hot car with a hot gun pulls up. Then all bets are off.

Win A Picnic In The Hamptons With Stella Artois

Check out this genius campaign for Stella Artois’ Cidre, directed by Gary McKendry!

Looking back at the 1980s in Los Angeles

The ‘80s helped shape the Los Angeles we know and love today, and thanks to the incredible archive of images held over at UCLA, we can take the time to reminisce.

Videos From The Vault: Apricot

Do you remember first kiss? Your first love? Do you remember anything?

Home Style Expert Emily Henderson For Target

Our friend Emily Henderson will help you turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

Short Film of the Week: God View

A different point of view and an experimental camera rig make for a gripping drama about illness.

PRMRY Nominated For AICE Award

The AICE Awards highlight creative excellence, and PRMRY’s Nike Anthem spot has been shortlisted in 2015.

The Best Day Ever With The Work

Our buds The Work recently completed production, cinematography and direction for part of Chevrolet’s #BestDayEver campaign.

Dirty Ol’ Nights by Gary McKendry for Guinness

It takes 119.5 seconds to pour a pint of Guinness and Gary McKendry utilized every last one in his most recent spot for the Irish stout.

Love Is On With Ben Briand

Cosmetics giant Revlon called upon director Ben Briand to take you back to the days of film noir.

Shooting In Colombia With Tom Dey

Veteran commercial director Tom Dey recently completed a slew of commercials for Honey Bunches of Oats.


Los Angeles takes claim to the second largest photography community in the United States, and April is a month-long celebration to showcase, honor, and inspire those within it.

Ex Machina Screening

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” – Stephen Hawking