5 Landscape Photographers We Love


Maya Beano – @mayabeano

Maya Beano was born and raised in Amman, Jordan.  Her photography focuses largely on dreamy landscapes (like this photo taken in the Slovenian Alps), often featuring human figures and ghostly double exposures.  It’s hard to believe, but Beano isn’t actually a photographer by trade – she’s a scientist, based in the UK, and she captures her images on journeys near and far using 35mm film.

Dan Tom – @dantom

San Francisco-based Tom sowed the seed for his talent a decade ago, when he visited South Africa with his church group and was charged with documenting the trip.  Since then, he has captured breathtaking sighs around the world, from India and California to Bolivia and Vietnam.  He said in an interview last year that “…a photograph is one of the best ways to inspire someone to travel.”  We agree.

Maddy Minnis – @mongobbq

Maddy Minnis is a photographer, videographer and motion graphics animator who seems to be forever on the road, capturing the natural beauty of America and further afield.  Occasionally she captures friends and exploits from her frequent camping expeditions, but her lens is largely trained on the flora and fauna she encounters on her travels.

Chiara Zonca – @shadowontherun

“When I first started taking photos I was just documenting the beautiful places I was visiting around the world,” Zonca explained in an interview earlier this year. “Slowly I started noticing those remote places were, in fact, changing me. I suddenly became more interested to understand personally what I was feeling and why it was so intense in remote places with no other people in sight.”  Her work is marked out by dramatic terrain, evocative texture and otherworldly color.  Check out her book of desert portraits here.

Sarah Marino – @sarahmarinophoto

This Colorado-based photographer travels the country in her airstream trailer and photographs vistas along the way, in which she’s joined by her husband, fellow nature photographer Ron Coscorrosa.  Marino captures both expansive landscapes and natural detail, with a focus on the great American West.  She is inspired simply by being in nature.

DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise stated, we, in no way, claim this work to be ours. We just like to share cool shit with the world.