Massive: an experimental short


Massive is a beautiful series of shots in which adults and children tower over various Los Angeles landscapes.  Each tableau feels introspective and leaves the viewer with a feeling of serenity.

On watching the moments unfold, you come to realize that the filmmakers are playing with the way we view the world.  The film seems to highlight the idea that in gaining perspective, by taking a step back from ourselves and from the immediacy of life, it is possible to find peace – even in one of the largest, busiest cities in the world.  The giant figures are literally and figuratively ‘above it all.’

Is it coincidence that the one figure who is shown sitting down, who is closest to the earth and therefore the one with the least perspective, is the one who seems distressed?

Directed by Dan Chen with cinematography by Philips Shum, Massive was made for Standard Vision and was originally shown at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles.

DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise stated, we, in no way, claim this work to be ours. We just like to share cool shit with the world.