The student organizers fighting for change


Unless you were asleep under a rock, you will have seen coverage of Saturday’s protests condemning gun violence, held – not only across America – but across the world.

Largely student-led, March For Our Lives was the first large-scale mobilization of the “mass-shooting generation,” and to show their (and our) support, directors Stewart Hendler and Jamieson Fry, DP Jeff Tomcho, camerman Diego Rosende and sound tech Chris Morino documented events leading up to the march and captured the day as it unfolded.

Our team split up and travelled to Downtown LA with three young organizers as they made their way to the March early on Saturday morning.  In darkness, the students drove themselves or took the metro.  They wrote their speeches on the bus by the light of their phones.  There were no parents cajoling them to get out of bed, no one putting signs in their hands.  This was all on them.

We watched as they gathered and literally set up the march; middle schoolers prepping the first aid tent, high school kids ushering speakers on and off the main stage, children of all ages holding the official banner and literally leading from the front.

Demanding change, they made their voices heard and stamped an indelible mark on the streets where they walked.  What happens next for these kids and for this country?  We’ll be watching – and filming – as we find out.

And check out the amazing elementary school children we documented as they participated in the Walk Out protest here