Spike Jonze is still killing it


God damn, he’s good. After bringing us his insanely amazing spot for Kenzo’s World fragrance back in 2016 (a kind of high art parody of every perfume ad out there – check it out below), Jonze has just dropped Welcome Home, a mind-expanding four minutes promoting Apple’s new HomePod.

Set to a brand new track from Anderson .Paak, ‘Til It’s Over, the spot opens on FKA twigs as a commuter drone.  She returns to her apartment after a long day, asks her HomePod to play her “something I’d like” and kicks back with a drink, only for her apartment to shift, Inception-style, into an expanding, kaleidoscopic, almost sentient dreamworld full of light and color.

Is it a commercial? A music video? A short? Who cares! Check it out:

And just because it’s worth watching one more time, here’s Jonze’s 2016 Kenzo add for good measure:

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