Native’s Eivind Holmboe gives us the feels in this new mastercard spot


At a time when there seems more threatening to divide us than unite us, Native Director Eivind Holmboe brings us a timely story that – we’re not ashamed to admit – left us ever-so-slightly choked up.

As part of Mastercard’s #StartSomethingPriceless campaign, the spot speaks to the transformative power of sport and the universal language of team camaraderie.

It opens with the question “In a divided world, can football unite us?” Okay, so we know the answer is probably “yes,” but what follows are three minutes of surprisingly touching film.

We meet 22 soccer fans, all representing their home country, each more jingoistic than the last: “We are called Great Britain for a reason,” “Argentinians are so proud, they feel so superior,” “I’d love to see their faces, all the Germans on the floor crying their eyes out…”

But as they play together, they come together and by the end of the spot, when they’re surprised in the dressing room by the legend that is Pelé, you can see that – despite no one common language – their barriers have been broken down, washed away by their sweat and tears.

Check out this CNBC interview with Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar, in which they discuss Eivind’s film.