Boys don’t cry? Meet three young men in Moscow who are obsessed with make-up


What’s it like to be a man who wears make-up in a city where even dyed hair warrants a double-take?

That’s what Boys Don’t Cry, a film from Dazed’s My Russia mini-series, seeks to reveal.

We meet 20-year-old Andrey Petrov, who has killer cheekbones, a sleek bob and both mace and a stun gun in his purse.  He bought the stun gun a month ago, and he’s already had to use it.  And we meet Gevorg, who was inspired by watching Party Monster and Ru Paul’s Drag Race when we was growing up.  And there’s Dima, who wears make-up to feel happy and relaxed.

Despite Russia’s virulently anti-LGBTQ stance, director Turkina Faso believes that attitudes are shifting, albeit slowly.

“I do think they are brave and they are strong in their intention to be themselves,” she says of the three men. “But Dima wears makeup in his office and all his colleagues like him. Gev shows his female clients tricks or cool looks. Andrey has amazing looks and knows a lot about cosmetics. Their relatives eventually accepted them, after misunderstanding. They just want to be free to express themselves, they don’t want to be in prison or harmed on the streets.”

Take a look…

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