Growing bananas in an Austrian winter


Last winter, locals in Graz, Austria were surprised by a bubble that appeared overnight, jammed between two buildings in the historic center of the town and perched on top of a bakery.

Inside, bananas and pineapples sprouted from among tropical leaves – despite winter weather outside that dropped as low as -8ºC.

The installation – the brainchild of architect Markus Jeschaunig – relied on waste heat generated by the refrigerators in the bakery below to maintain the heat and humidity needed to grow food that is usually shipped from around the world, at great cost to the environment.

It’s a “parasitic architectural intervention,” according to Jeschaunig.  “The project is an attempt to reveal energy potentials, criticize established systems and demonstrate new modes of action,” he says of his eco pod.

Find out more from the man himself, below:

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