Short Film of the Week: Night of the Foxes


Night of the Foxes Is set over one day in the depths of the idyllic Kent countryside. We witness an orchard owner, faced with a failing crop and the pressures of parenting, tail spinning in all aspects of his personal life.

Through long landscape shots and handheld camera movements, Tom Haines delivers a look into an orchard owner’s frustration of a fruitless summer as unwanted foxes and hormonal teenagers threaten to push him over the edge. Starring Charmanae Amber as the the orchard owner’s teenage daughter, the film portrays a man’s struggle to hold on to his family and his orchard simultaneously, as his daughter forms a relationship with one of his seasonal staffers. Fed up over his failing crop, Grant Masters stars as a father who decides to act on his own and hunt the shrieking foxes in the middle of the night.

You can watch the film above, and find others like it on Short Film of the Week’s site.