Take an eerie, trance-like journey through the Balkans & Caucasuses with this short film series


In a three-part series of shorts, Brazilian filmmakers André Dip & José Menezes partnered with Nowness to create a mesmerizing tour of previously troubled lands, now at peace.

The images are beautiful but melancholic, revealing the post-war scars these countries still carry, yet also opening the viewer’s eyes to the beauty of the landscape and the life that inhabits the region.

“Our aim,” they say, “was to show a different side of this region that has long suffered from ethnic and geopolitical conflicts and is often misinterpreted in the public eye due to recent and historic conflicts.”

Doku-Tur was shot in the Balkans (in particular around Kosovo and neighboring countries), in August 2015 at the height of the migratory crisis,  while Bosna-Tur is a trip through the territories of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, the stage of brutal conflicts and ethnic cleansing in the 1990s.

Kaucasyos-Tur was the first in the series, with a less-polished style. It’s set in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, the Caucasus region set in the border between Europe and Asia, where occidental and oriental traditions blend together.

Watch the series here:

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