‘Tales from the Shadow of the Moon’ as told by eclipse chasers


Eclipse chasers spend all their money and all their vacation time following solar eclipses around the globe, with the solar system as their travel guide. And here’s why…

“It’s black. It’s black black black like the blackest hole you can ever imagine, ringed with these beautiful wispy white coronal streamers,” one describes.

“Bright stars and planets are visible in the daytime,” says another. “And you see the colors of sunset in every direction you look all around the horizon.  It’s not like night, It’s not like daylight. It’s not like twilight. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before.”

“It makes you feel a part of the earth. It makes you feel part of the cosmos,” another umbraphile adds.  “It makes you feel a part of every single person you’re standing there with. Just for a brief time, we’re not separate. We’re all the same.” 

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