Varanasi – Beyond Life: a beautiful, haunting glimpse of India’s most auspicious place to die


The city of Varanasi has long been labeled by the west as India’s ‘city of the dead,’ but – as this film shows – it’s teaming with life.

Wielding a Sony A7, Dubai-based filmmaker Aeyaz journeys through the streets and along the ghats that line the Ganges, capturing the most intimate rituals of life and death. Children fly kites and feed birds, old men shave in the street, pilgrims bathe in the river, families cremate their loved ones on the shore, candles flicker in the dark, and ashes are immersed in water.

With echoes of Leonardo Dalessandri’s Watchtower of Turkey, and set to philosopher Alan Watts’ musings on life and death, Varanasi will certainly stay with you for a while…

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