MAMI WATA: Woza – One of the freshest surf spots we’ve seen in a while


Woza (which means “Come” in Zulu) is a spiritual tale of escape. It doesn’t focus on the awesome might of bone-crushing waves. Instead, it tells the story of an African surfer who is taken as a lover by the water spirit Mami Wata.  But it doesn’t slip completely into the realm of fantasy; this film’s feet are very firmly planted in reality, in all those things we want to escape.

The film, which promotes South African surf brand Mami Wata, features 22 year-old Transkei surfer, Avuyile Ndamase, who surrenders himself to the seduction of the waves in order to slip free from the noise of the city and the chaos of his own mind.

It takes us through dusty streets, into clubs and barber shops, past kids throwing shade, and out onto the water – which, according to a wise old voice, can change you in strange ways…


It’s one of the best surf films since Jägermeister’s Journey to Surf – and feels all the more fresh because it highlights black surfers.

“Africa has some of the world’s best waves and no one was telling that story,” Mami Wata co-founder Nick Dutton told AdAge. “It also has a wonderful diversity of surfers — black, white, Indian, Muslim, Christian, old, young, male, female, and that diversity of people sharing the ocean experience is something we wanted the brand to be about.”

Woza was created in house at Mami Wata, and directed by Pato Martinez & Francisco Canton.

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