Director Highlight: Tony Franklin


Director, Tony Franklin, is one to watch in 2017

After a successful start as a creative at Target, national award winning director Tony Franklin captured the attention of brands like BMW, Purina, Pizza Hut, Hormel and more. Tony’s passion for documentary storytelling along with his past agency experience has helped lift national brands and score them multiple high caliber awards. Outside of the commercial world, Tony’s short documentary work reflects a very personal and passionate vision.

During his decade as the in-house art director at Target, Tony pursued passion projects that included music videos and documentary shorts on the side. His highly acclaimed shorts “Miss Monroe” and “Derby Man” were shortlisted at the One Screen Film Festival and The Atlantic has featured Tony’s work on their ’10 Best Short Documentaries of the Year’ for three consecutive years. Tony’s unique ability to capture honest moments has allowed him the recent opportunity to work with Gold Medalist Simone Biles. Tony officially joined Native Content in Fall 2016 and continues to deliver lasting, impressive work.

The St. Paul Kid
Director: Tony Franklin

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