Designer Daniel de Bruin’s Analog Printer



The first analog 3D printer ever.


Dutch designer Daniel de Bruin decided that he wanted to have more control over his work than the products that resulted from 3D printers. “3D printing allows me to create products swiftly and more efficiently then ever, but these products don’t feel like they’re mine. they’re merely a product of this new technology,’ says de bruin (Design Boom). His analog printer has allowed him to acquire that control once more. A “guide wire” determines the shape of the piece, while a pulley system lowers the platform and the clay is carefully lain layer by layer from a syringe. His pieces carry an originality to them and look homemade. He’s calling this invention This New Technology (2014).

Daniel de Bruin’s designs, being as analytical and mesmerizing as they are, seem to double as installations. He work can currently be found in his exhibition at Kazerne in the Netherlands.