OVER: A Short Film


Jörn Threlfall’s Over is not for the Faint of Heart

Nestled in a quiet, sleepy neighborhood in West London we sit. There’s no movement besides the small bustle of the leaves in the trees. The end of a seemingly normal day. What is not shown, are the events that unfolded in the previous hours and we question: why does a couple stop to check on a bouquet of flowers lying on the side of the road? More importantly, why is there a bouquet of flowers on the side of the road? Over recounts a story backwards, unveiling events as they’ve already happened, allowing its audience to play investigator.

Director Jörn Threlfall’s short film is based on true events from September of 2012 in London.

We won’t say too much too soon, as we’d prefer you to see for yourself. Long, wide shots prove to be most effective in picking up on the details and the blatancy with which things happen. As we transition from an empty suburban street to a tow truck removing a car from the street, to police barricades, and then back to an empty street, we’re told that life goes on and eventually order will be restored.


Jörn Threlfall is a London-based director whose commercial work caters to an impressive list of clients. You can see more of his short films here.