Cristiano Ronaldo + Nike Present: The Switch


Nike has aired a 5+ minute long ad starring pro soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. In it, Ronaldo switches bodies with the English ball boy as a result of them colliding when Ronaldo flips over the wall of the stadium and into the stands after scoring a goal. They both wake up, realizing they are in different beds, and it isn’t until they look in the mirror, that they realize they’re in different bodies. The boy’s parents break out in laughter as he tells them at breakfast, “I’m Cristiano Ronaldo.” The switch remains until the boy, thanks to Ronaldo’s skill, makes it to the pros and they play against each other and they collide again (at Ronaldo’s mercy).

The action-packed spot is brought to you by Nike’s newest campaign #SparkBrilliance, which features a new performance pack cleat built for speed that is now available on

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Cristiano Ronaldo was not the only star in this ad as 16 other professional players also made appearances according to Creative Review. Those including: Raheem Sterling, Joe Hart, Harry Kane, Chris Smalling, John Stones, Ross Barkley, Megan Rapinoe, and more.

Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Production company: Rattling Stick, Los Angeles
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland