The Man & The Sea


“Who knows why we’re here. It’s whatever turns you on. It’s whatever makes you happy. That’s the essence.”

Says Sydney-born ex-pro surfer Derek Hynd who was world-ranked #7 in 1981. At age 25, he retired from competitive surfing. And in the late 00’s, he was experimenting with finless boards. Yes, finless. His finless feature (or lack thereof) allows him to move his board freely on a wave. In Andrew Kaineder’s The Man & The Sea, you can see Hynd move on his board across the water as if he were on a skateboard. He executes seemingly impossible tricks, turning, twisting, and gliding effortlessly. He says, “It’s not all about one, two, three, four turns to the beach. There’s got to be more to it in order to embrace the wave form.” Long, wide, beautiful shots of the water laid beneath a sexy string score make you want to kick back with a beer on the beach and enjoy the view.

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Hynd explores his connection with the sea and what draws him to it.  “The need for reflection time grows as you get older. You discover that in the sea.”

“It’s about reducing actions in order to achieve a better understanding of where you’ve been and where you’re going.”

Director / Cinematographer: Andrew Kaineder

Editor: Jai Rakic

Music: Drew Innocend