We Live This : A Short Documentary


The teenage boys of a dance group called We Live This have gained local fame for performing on the New York subway as showtime dancers.

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Though many New Yorkers choose to ignore the panhandlers on the MTA, this short film gives us a look inside the lives and struggles of young men trying to make their dreams become a reality. Written and directed by James Burns, the film follows the group of Brooklyn-based dancers as they perform impressive stunts in the aisles of the trains. Born and bred in the New York projects, Forty, Tyty, Ted, and Kahlil, all formed their group with hopes of finding some part of themselves.

“The train, it’s a way out for me,” says Tyty.

He dreams of finding success outside of the bubble he’s in.  While they’re all struggling, often times, you’d never know it from the smile on their faces and the pure joy they get from performing. One of the members of We Live This says, “your show shouldn’t reflect on your day.” And although they have the same general end goal in mind, they are all in it for different reasons. Some are trying to make means to an end while others want to be better at their craft and grow from there. Unlike Tyty, for Forty, dancing on the train, “it’s a way in.”

This film might be the dance crew’s break as they were approached by the streetwear brand Mishka to be featured in their lookbook collaboration with Sesame Street in the Fall of 2015. Not to mention all of the awards it has already received.

The film, which was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival 2015, is brought to you by Hayden 5, an NYC-based boutique production company that specializes in commercials, branded content, and short films.