A Documentary About The Important Things


This Documentary Encourages You to Live Minimally

The Minimalists are a duo – Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus – who have dedicated themselves to writing about minimalism and how the implementation of it serves beneficial to one’s life. Their theory isn’t necessarily getting rid of everything in your life, rather than making room for more. The pair’s recent documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things hit theaters on May 24th of this year. With soaring reviews, the documentary, directed by Matt D’Avella, came out of the gates as one of the top documentaries of the year thus far.  Black Friday shoppers herding into a store, massive Times Square billboards, hover boards, and the newest iPhone are all points shown and covered in the film.

“We spend so much time on the hunt, but nothing ever quite does it for us.” – Dan Harris (Author, 10% Happier)

Millburn and Nicodemus interview minimalist architects, designers, musicians, businessmen, authors, minimalist families, and more, in hopes of exploring how to live a simpler life. Entrepreneur and traveler, Colin Wright, says “When I first started reducing the number of things in my life, I found that I had 51 things in the entire world.”

Catch a screening of the film at one of the 400+ theaters at which it was released and follow Millburn and Nicodemus as they travel the country in search of what’s most important. For our fellow Los Angelenos, the documentary is scheduled to be at the Laemmle theater on June 21st, 2016.  You can watch the trailer below.