ArtworxLA’s 24th Annual Evening of Art


ArtworxLA is hosting the 24th Annual Evening of Art in Hollywood on Thursday, May 5th.

They will be honoring influencers of the arts and those who help build our communities for the better; Grant C. Kirkpatrick (President, KAA Design), Sheila Kuehl (Los Angeles County Supervisor, District 3), and Sophia Rivka Rossi (Chief Executive Officer of HelloGiggles) among them. An auction will take place to raise funds for the organization.

ArtworxLA is an organization that helps keep creativity alive in alternative high schools throughout Los Angeles. They work to educate students with “sustained arts exposure and immersion” and even connecting them with those who have found success in the arts. One of our very talented directors, Rich Lee, teamed up with a student to create a film that focuses on Jonathan’s path and journey with artworxLA. The film will also be screened at the event.

“I was that kid that nobody paid attention to.”

Our student in the video, Jonathan, has aspirations of being a music producer. He recounts his childhood and how he never had any motivation until he collaborated with artworxLA. According to their website, “Jonathan was expelled from middle school and sent to artworxLA. His interests in drawing and music kept him engaged in his studies. artworxLA enabled him to complete a music immersion program at The GRAMMY Museum, and participate in summer residency programs at Art Center and UCLA. Jonathan plans on studying science and music production after completing high school.” (artworxLA)

“It’s like a second chance given to me.”

Rich and his partner, Louise Baker Lee, spent the day with Jonathan, learning about him, with him, and from him. They document Jonathan as he visits LACMA, flips through his sketch books, and at home with his family. With Rich Lee’s background in directing music videos, he and Jonathan make an adequate duo, paired up to create a visually exciting short film that shows viewers what we’ve known all along – you can find solace in art.

Watch the short film Jonathan below and follow artworxLA for more inspiring stories.