This music video was filmed with an iPhone 6


We all knew Olivia Wilde could act, but it looks like she’s playing a new card.

Wilde directs Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ newest music video “No Love Like Yours.”

Having one other directing credit for her short film Free Hugs, Wilde is a multi-talented woman with acting and producing already under her belt. Rather than renting an Alexa, Wilde opted to shoot with an iPhone 6 Plus and a makeshift camera rig. The actress-turned-director approached her Meadowland director and DP, Reed Morano, to shoot the music video and the pair didn’t disappoint. Initially, Morano was hesitant to film anything on an iPhone screen, however she quickly realized that without the intimidation of large equipment and a camera in their faces, the performers were able to be more comfortable in the room. On shooting the video, Wilde says, “I hope this video makes people think ‘I’m going to go shoot a film. I’ve got the phone, I’m going to go shoot a film.’”(The Verge)

Wilde recently teamed up with 19 year old AnnaRose Rubright for a PSA in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. Also shot by Reed Morano, the short film walks us through the eyes of a girl with down syndrome and how she sees herself. You can watch that short film here.

Reed Morano is also HBO Vinyl’s DP. Here’s to hoping Wilde and Morano continue this collective-ship.