Monsieur Oyster on NOWNESS


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“Our life is determined by the tides and the sea,” says sixth-generation Oyster farmer Joël Dupuch. You could say he’s the most famous Oyster farmer in France. Director Douglas Guillot captures Dupuch in his element: amongst the sea.

With Oyster season among us (remember only eat Oysters during months ending in ‘R’) NOWNESS is featuring a video not just for the love of Oysters, but for the love of the directing. Clear, crisp, lengthy shots make for a beautiful portrayal of Joël Dupuch’s lifestyle. Guillot’s raw direction places us amongst he and his subject(s).

“Eating an oyster takes less than a minute. And you need to understand that an oyster farmer has spent probably 4 years of his work on a single Oyster,” he says, recognizing the amount of work that goes into his craft. But that hard work doesn’t deter him in any way. Dupuch is also an author and actor – he’s a true artist committed to his craft.  Very similarly to writing and acting, “the passion for this business is strongly bound to the environment we work in, to the freedom it gives us, and also to the fact, that success is never guaranteed.”

If you’re desiring Oysters this season, the farmer suggests that the best way to eat an oyster is to do it the way you like it most and to eat it right in the moment. Watch the video HERE.

A film by Panthalassa, a group of content creators that share a passion for the ocean. No, seriously, all of their content is ocean-related. Visit their site and see for yourself.