Short Film of the Week: Curt


You need to watch this documentary from director Brendan Hearne about a competitive surfer named Curt Harper.

Curt is a 17-minute film about 50-year-old, autistic surfer, Curt Harper. Diagnosed with autism as a child, Curt faced various challenges growing up, but one thing that always came easy was his endless love for surfing. For the past 21 years, Curt’s become a beloved fixture in the Southern California surf scene, and has played an unlikely, yet vital role in the nurturing and development of generations of groms.

Director and editor Brendan Hearne is no stranger to the surf having grown up in California, carving waves and even travelling the world competing for a time. But life changed gears; he enrolled to study film at UCSB, taught himself to edit, segued that into directing where he made commercials, before turning his attention to documentaries and indie films.

Hearne detailed his relationship with Curt and the inspiration behind the documentary saying, “Curt used to take us surfing over twenty years ago before we had our licenses. We spent countless days driving up and down the coast, searching for waves, and laughing non-stop with him. Those awesome memories inspired this film, and Curt’s story taught us that no matter what challenges you face in life, when you have loving support from family, friends, and community, anything’s possible.”

It’s an incredible insight into some of the feelings and experiences of individuals with autism, check it out in full above.