Mark Bradford’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Exhibition At The Hammer


Mark Bradford

A brand new body of work from Los Angeles–based artist Mark Bradford opens this week at The Hammer.

Scorched Earth is Bradford’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, exposing the artist’s formative moments in life and ruminating on the body in crisis.

“As an artist who has long been interested in strategies of mapping and the psychogeography of the city he calls home, Bradford uses his characteristic painting style to excavate the terrain— emotional, political and actual—that he inhabits. Examining the moment and afterlife of the 1992 uprisings in Los Angeles, which he experienced from his studio in Leimert Park, Bradford has translated the outrage and lasting wounds of the riots into these new paintings,” the gallery’s site details.

The new works were created using Bradford’s signature process of excavating through layers of paint and drywall and topography. In a recent article explaining the many layers of Bradford’s work, he told The New Yorker that the abstract paintings were designed “with a social or political context clinging to the edges.”

Mark Bradford: Scorched Earth opens on June 20, it’s a stunning collection and a must see for anyone in the area!